Lady MoeKa 

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  Speaking to the World is a big platform for a woman whose words started off mute. To share, and speak with all of you for MoeKa is a humbling and beautiful experience. 

MoeKa's favorite quote is " Live life, and don't allow life to Live you". Living life is not allowing everything and anything to rock you from your course, but as you live the life you were given you take control of it,  have hope, keep your faith and live your best life.


Through sharing and using her platform for growth, peace, and enlightenment. WeLit is a platform for change.

MoeKa is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Mother, & more.  There are so many facets to MoeKa, and every role she's passionate about.  She is the Founder of WeLit Radio Station, and her mission Is to be a voice in such a loud world where you can go unheard. She's doing what they said she couldn't..... now it's your turn. Live, focus, and move forward to your purpose

even if it is one step, crawl, leap at a time.